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7 Surprising Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

7 Surprising Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a helpful substance naturally produced in the human body; because of this exact reason, it is wildly used in medical and aesthetic spheres. Don’t understand why? The thing is, as HA is already present in the body, the possibility of severe adverse reactions or health complications is minimal.

Today, we would like to discuss hyaluronic acid and all benefits people may get by using it in more detail. You may be surprised, but rejuvenating injections are not the only thing HA can help with. So, make yourself comfortable, take a cup of tea, and learn together with the team of experts from FillerSupplies.

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The Definition of Hyaluronic Acid and Its Usage in Aesthetic Medicine

The Definition of Hyaluronic Acid and Its Usage in Aesthetic Medicine

As it was already mentioned in the opening, hyaluronic acid plays an important role in providing everyone with hydrated, younger-looking skin. The substance works perfectly for holding water in the dermis, so without it, it becomes saggy and noticeably dehydrated. But the skin is not the only thing that needs HA; it is also vital for bones, joints, eyes, and the whole body overall.

And as the most beneficial substances in the human body (like collagen or elastin), hyaluronic acid production tends to decrease with age. However, this problem can be easily solved in a few ways.

First, of course, injectable hyaluronic acid that is wildly used in aesthetic medicine and is typically applied during cosmetic beauty treatments. They are always effective and demonstrate the improvement surprisingly fast, and the procedure shouldn’t be conducted too often to preserve the desired result – typically, specialists recommend it once every six months.

However, some people are afraid to have HA inserted directly into their skin, so they look for other alternative ways. For example, taking hyaluronic acid supplements or using skincare products with a high level of this substance in the composition. And even though that’s not enough to provide younger looks to a client, medications with HA can relieve joint pain effectively, so that’s one more benefit to the long list of its pros. So, as we’ve already started discussing ways people can benefit from this substance, let’s dive into this topic and talk about the unbelievable positive effect everyone can experience with the help of HA products.

7 Amazing Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Your Health

Hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan) is a substance that is mostly present in our skin, eyes, and connective tissues. And even though its main function is to keep skin moisture on the optimal level, that’s not its only task. Below, we are going to have a closer look at all the excellent work HA does in the body.

Natural and effective skin improvement

As we previously mentioned, the skin contains the highest level of HA in the whole body – almost half of the overall amount. Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture and keep skin glowing, firm, and younger-looking. However, with age, as well as because of some external negative factors like ultraviolet from direct sunlight, environmental pollution, bad habits, and so on, its production may become worse and affect one’s appearance noticeably.

Taking supplements from a young age and applying special serums two times per day may be a great step in supporting a proper amount of HA in the body. And after the skin aging process begins, it is always possible to have an injection treatment session to eliminate fine lines and smooth out uneven, dull skin in the facial area.

Eliminate acid reflux symptoms

Acid reflux is a very unpleasant condition during which the stomach’s contents are regurgitated up to the throat, so painful sensations are experienced by a person. HA is able to soothe the area gently and make the recovery process much faster. Of course, there are some medications that can help with this task as well, but, as studies demonstrated, the combination of HA with medicines is 60% more effective than the medicines used alone.

Helpful acne prevention

Most people are familiar with the problem of endless breakouts on dry skin. The thing is, when the dermis is not moisturized enough, the body starts producing more sebum. As a result, most individuals experience acne and rash. By keeping a healthy balance of moisture in the skin, HA may be incredibly helpful in preventing the over-secretion of oils that can clog pores and cause serious skin problems. Forget about the mouth that oily skin doesn’t need hydration! All that matters is the correct technique and products.

Wounds can heal much faster

Hyaluronic acid production becomes much faster if there are some damages that should be repaired in the body. As followed, it plays a very important role in effective wound healing. During this process, inflammation levels are regulated, and the body is signaled to build more blood vessels in the area that was hurt.

Bladder pain reduction

Interstitial cystitis (also known as painful bladder syndrome) is an issue 6% of women worldwide suffer from. It causes an increased urge to urinate, can provoke severe abdominal pain, and increases sensitivity in stomach and bladder areas. Hyaluronic acid here can be helpful if inserted directly into the bladder through a catheter. Researchers suspect that this substance is able to repair bladder tissue damages and, in this way, make it less sensitive.

Eyes improvement

Dry eye is a condition that occurs in approximately 1 out of 7 adults out there. It is associated with reduced tears production; sometimes, tears just evaporate too fast. And, as hyaluronic acid is perfect for moisturizing, it is incredibly helpful if you need to relieve dry eye symptoms. Nowadays, there are even contact lenses that can slowly release HA to improve the eyes’ health.

Well-lubricated bones = less joint pain

Not everyone knows that, but there is a space between our bones that should be properly lubricated in order not to cause painful, uncomfortable sensations. Thankfully, there are some useful injectables that are meant for improving bones strength and helping those who suffer from osteoarthritis. This procedure should be conducted by a professional in a clinic after a careful examination and all required medical tests.

Contraindications and Side Effects

Hyaluronic acid is a safe substance that causes minimal allergic reactions or severe side effects. It is produced naturally in the human body, which means it is incredibly biocompatible and safe for practically any type of patient.

As HA is mostly used in the form of injectables, the most common adverse reactions are injection site reactions in the areas of remedy administration. We are talking about such unfortunate symptoms as redness, swelling, bruising, and itching. Some patients may experience increased sensitivity in the place of puncture and close to it areas. But there is no need to worry; everything previously mentioned is usually gone in a few days after the treatment session and doesn’t cause any complications.

However, it is always better to be careful and look after your own well-being carefully in order to inform a medical expert about unusual adverse reactions or painful sensations in case any of those occur. That’s an important step in post-treatment aftercare and the safety of an individual in general.

Speaking about those who cannot use HA for their aesthetic purposes and health boost, there are a few issues that are not compatible with this remedy. First of all, we are, of course, talking about present hypersensitivity or allergies to hyaluronic acid. This one is the most dangerous, that’s why we would like to remind you about a consultation prior to the actual hyaluronic acid therapy.

Next, there are skin damages, inflammations, or irritations in general. Skin treatments with the help of injectables are only possible if the facial surface is healthy and doesn’t have any serious marks and injuries. Once again, that’s a crucial demand considering an individual’s safety during and after the procedure.

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The Bottom Line

Hyaluronic acid is a beneficial substance in our body that is incredibly important and helpful for everyone. With its help, it becomes possible to retain water, keep skin youthful and glowing, improve bone strength, and have a positive effect on various other processes in the organism. No wonder there are so many options and variations of HA treatments out there.

The substance can be used in many ways, starting from special medications taken orally, ending with a special injectable procedure that demonstrates results fast and effectively. The only thing remains the same – adverse reactions, and dangerous health conditions are almost impossible with HA thanks to its compatibility with the body.

That’s it for today’s article. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and learned some interesting facts. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles and wait for the updates. We surely have more interesting blog posts coming out soon. Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

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