Dermal Fillers: Tips to Achieve Successful Outcomes

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Dermal fillers gain their popularity with every new day. Being extremely safe and providing excellent results, it is not strange that more and more people are eager to return the fresh and youthful appearance of the skin on their faces and bodies with the help of Juvederm or Restylane fillers. But do all of their expectations meet the reality they get? Why does it may happen? And what can you personally do to achieve successful outcomes? All of these points we will try to consider in this article.

Lack of Knowledge

Unfortunately, many of the cosmetology clinics’ customers do not bother themselves by studying the procedures they are going to undergo and the remedy they are going to inject inside their skin. Without knowing the peculiarities of the dermal filler (whether it is Pluryal, Radiesse, Restylane, Saypha, etc), the doctor will inject, they simply cannot form realistic expectations of what will happen to their faces or other parts of the body after the procedure. Aware means armed. The truth is that there are different types of dermal fillers, which differentiate them according to their origin, longevity, areas of application, and some other factors. All of these peculiarities of the remedy will affect the final result, and it is better if you learn more about the fillers itself and the whole procedure to do not hurry up with the conclusions and not to get disappointed prematurely.

Too High Expectations

All people want fast and perfect results with minimum efforts. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, so be realistic about what to expect after the procedure. Do not shy to ask the doctor about the results you will get. It will help you to form adequate ideas about your new look after the injection. If your age is around fifty, do not wait for your skin to look as if you were twenty. Also, do not upset if the wrinkles did not disappear after one injection. Maybe, you need an additional injection or a little bit bigger dosage. Just tell about your concerns to the doctor, and we are sure you will get the skin of your dream.

Desire to Save Money

We do know that the dermal fillers cost is not low, and it is natural that a lot of people are trying to find ways to save their budget. Unfortunately, this may be one of the core reasons why they do not get the results they want. Do not skimp on professional consultation, a good clinic, an experienced doctor, and high-quality drug, because this is your face. Remember that miser pays twice.

Not Following Doctor’s Recommendations

As the dermal fillers injections involve minimum invasions into an organism, and the patient can return to the active life almost immediately, many of them neglect the therapists or cosmetologists’ advice and precautions. It is extremely important you do not take any medications or alcohol before the procedure and do not do sports, put makeup, or visit spa after it. There may be so else individual recommendations the doctor gives you, so make sure you strictly follow all the rules. It will both help to avoid unwanted side effects and get the best results possible.

Irregular Re-injections

For example, many people believe they do injection once, and the results stay forever. However, it does not work this way. The main thing you should ask the doctor how long do dermal fillers last? Why this question? Because many clients are unsatisfied with the procedure after months when the results began to vanish. Remember that effects after dermal fillers are permanent, and in any case, you would need reinjection. Just ask your doctor when, and do it before the filler is completely worn out from the skin tissues, and you will maintain your appearance in a good condition as long as possible.


To put it briefly, there are a few steps you should do on the way to perfect appearance after dermal filler injection. The first thing is to find a good clinic and doctor, who will provide you with consultation and tell about possible risks, all peculiarities of the procedure, and its effects. Also, do online research and examine different dermal filler suppliers: composition, effects, side effects, precautions, areas of application, and longevity (especially if you buy dermal fillers online), so together with the doctor you will be able to choose the one that suits you the most and form adequate expectations. Finally, follow all recommendations before and after the procedure and do regular re-injections. These are simple steps that will help you to avoid common mistakes and fully estimate all the benefits of dermal fillers injections.

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