How to Make Dermal Fillers Last Longer?

How to Make Dermal Fillers Last Longer?

The way to perfection is endless. Modern medical technologies allow people to eliminate all possible ageing signs in very short terms. We can excellently cope with various wrinkles, enlarge body parts, change lips, nose, cheekbones forms, etc. In the grand scheme of things, injectable substances are the main means people use for achieving such goals. These procedures are very effective, yet they are also expensive and last no longer than 2 years. That’s why people who have tried many methods of rejuvenation wonder: “how to make your dermal fillers last longer?”. We haven’t an eternal youth recipe, however, we know a few secrets on how to continue the action of beauty injections. Keep reading to get valuable pieces of advice on how to stay young for a very long time.

Follow Appropriate Lifestyle Rules

Many people underestimate their bad habits and the influence of their lifestyles on aesthetic results after beauty procedures . Not all substances are natural and eliminate from body. Some of them are made of synthetic materials and remain under skin layers for a very long period. If you don’t care about health, eat fat food, don’t do exercises, rapidly get or lose weight, your forms will be deformed and good results disappear. Those, who want to find more safe solutions, would better choose HA-based injectables. But there are some nuances as well. For example, you can’t do sport immediately after the therapy to not lose a part of the administered drug. Over time, physical activity is possible, but tough training is undesirable. It leads to the metabolism acceleration and biodegradation of fillers. Massages are also included into the contraindications list – you can’t press injected areas to not damage the substance inside.

Control What You Eat

Skin needs water and the older it becomes, the bigger amount of water it’s necessary to keep it fresh and hydrated. Even after making beauty injection people should drink a lot of water and the result of Juvederm Voluma fillers, the Radiesse filler or any other drug would be incredible and long-lasting.
Increased sugar intake also cuts the life of fillers. HA contains sugar and if it overdoses, the body rejects an odd amount of this element . You need to cut the use of fast carbohydrates to maintain long results.
Don’t forget that daily nutrition also influence the skin condition and before wondering how long does Radiesse last or other popular remedies, take into consideration products that you eat. Healthy food consumption not only improves the skin shape but causes lifting and refreshing effect that would be a great addition to beauty procedures.

Strengthen the Effect with Cosmetic Means

You can’t do serious physical training after injection procedures, you can’t eat harmful food, you can’t have massages but you still can use different cosmetic means. Applying HA-based creams after injections of the same substance you can significantly prolong the effect. Unlike gel, the cream does not penetrate the deeper skin layers , but it fights fine wrinkles and provides a lot of work to systems that remove the components of hyaluronic acid from the skin. So, the filler will be split and removed longer.
Patients can’t choose the complex of injectable remedies and appropriate creams for skin rejuvenation. They should consult doctors, ask how long do Juvederm fillers last or any other injectables, listen to his\her advice and get special recommendations. However, if you are eager to know more info about injectables, serums, and creams for skin refreshment, go to our product page and find detailed descriptions of all products. There you can also find official data about dosage, areas for injections, indications, contraindications, etc.

Final Thoughts

As was previously mentioned, we can’t stop ageing processes at all but we’re able to postpone these unhappy moments. You can purchase different remedies, apply various cosmetics, buy Juvederm, order Radiesse or any other injectable drug but without proper care of your health, all these means are helpless. If you have the opportunity to try the latest medical inventions for body rejuvenation, of course, you should try. But never forget that the post-procedure effect and your appearance, first of all, are in your hands.

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