Top myths about Botox injections – Part 1

Top myths about Botox injections – Part 1

Injection of “beauty” – botulinum and contour plastic by dermal fillers – these are the most popular methods among all aesthetic procedures in the world, giving cosmetic and medical effects. The effectiveness of Botox is proved, however, some of the elements of such a therapy become controversial topics.

Myth #1 – Only Botox injections are effective

Not really. Botox has analogues – Dysport, Xeomin and several other agents, including even Russian and Chinese. All of them contain a botulinum toxin in the composition and their main action is the blocking of the neuromuscular transmission. They also block the work of the muscles due to the violation of the neuromuscular transmission. Therefore, the skin is smoothed.

Myth #2 – Botox is the dangerous poison

Actually, yes, Botox is one of the strongest poisons (“botulinum toxin” – the name speaks for itself). However, the aesthetic effect of injections is based precisely on this – this toxin blocks the impulses that go from the nerve to the muscle. The latter stops shrinking.

Another thing is that the dose of botulinum toxin, which can become lethal to a person weighing about 70 kg is 2.5 to 3 thousand units of onbotulotoxin, that is Botox. Of course, the doses used in aesthetic medicine, as well as in neurology, are much smaller. And for all the time of application of botulinum toxin (and these are tens of millions of injections all over the world) there were not a single death.

Myth #3 – Injections only work on wrinkles smoothing

This kind of therapy allows not only to achieve wrinkle smoothing, but also to receive additional effects (for example, the effect of lifting). As is known, the facial muscles are divided into levators and depressors, the first lift the tissues, the second pull them down. And the selective effect on certain muscles allows you to achieve some lifting. For example, raise your eyebrows a little.

In addition, botulinum toxin also weakens the activity of sweat glands and is successfully used in patients with hyperhidrosis, that is, with increased sweating. That allows for a while to solve this unpleasant problem.

Myth #4 – the older patient – the bigger dose

It is completely wrong. On the contrary, more units are required for young patients, because they have stronger and more active muscles. Therefore, to disconnect them, a larger amount of the agent is required.

In addition, for elderly patients it is necessary to reduce their dose, so as not to get undesirable consequences. You can order Botox in different dosages, now available to buy Botox 50U and buy Botox 100U.

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