Top myths about Botox injections – Part 2

Top myths about Botox injections – Part 1

In the previous article we discussed questions regarding analogues of Botox, its “poison-status”, additional effects and necessary amount of dose based on the age of patient. But still there are more controversial topics of such a therapy – average dose, the youngest age allowed, lips correction and others.

Myth #5 – There is an average dose

We can not talk about the average dose for botulinum therapy. The effect of this agent is very individual and depends on the mass and activity of facial muscles, age, and one’s sensitivity. In addition, the units of Botox, Dysport, Xeomin differ from each other in intense of their impact.

Myth #6 – There is a minimum age

Basically, up to 18 years, it is restricted to make such injections due to aesthetic reasons. Usually such cosmetic procedures start approximately at the age of 30. Although someone even at the age of 40 does not have preconditions for such injections. On the other hand, hyperhidrosis or increased mimic activity that leads to early wrinkles might be a reason for Botox treatment before age of 30. There are records of justified procedures for 22-years old patients.

Myth #7 – Botox fills wrinkles

No. There are fillers for such a purpose. The aim of Botox is to relax the muscles involved in the formation of wrinkles.

Myth #8 – You can inject Botox into lips

If someone wants to correct the shape of the lips or increase them, again, fillers are recommended. Botox does not increase lips and their shape does not change.

By the way, in the area around the mouth Botox is used only if it is required to raise the lowered corners of the lips, and also to correct the violation of the contour of the lower jaw.

Myth #9 – You can not do additional (corrective injections)

Partly this is true. Main procedure is performed, during which the main dose is administered. Two weeks later, patient can request an additional procedure. It is necessary if the result does not completely suit expectations of doctor or patient and they want to correct it. But after that, further injections of botulinum toxin should not be performed for at least three months.

If this rule is not abided, the risk of following inefficiency increases. Therefore, the activity of the agent will decrease: the time of its action will be less, to get a good aesthetic result larger doses will be needed. Apparently, this happens due to the immune response and the formation of antibodies. Thank you for your attention, on our website you can buy Botox online in different dosages.

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