Botox for Sweating is Safer than Antiperspirant. Why?

Botox for Sweating is Safer than Antiperspirant

Botox therapy it’s not only about beauty. The drug is used by doctors to treat different medical problems. Obsessive sweating is one of these issues.
The remedy is derived from Clostridium Botulinum – bacteria that cause troubling disease botulism. It affects muscles and paralyzes the whole body. Botulinum toxin is dangerous. But in little doses, it’s safe and professional doctors used it in medicine.

Initially, Botox injection was solely a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetologists and dermatologists used it to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. Then, they discovered that people suffering from migraines and strong headaches started complaining less about pain after the beauty injections. In this way, Botox was used for medical treatment.

Nowadays, doctors use these injections while treating eye disorders, different muscle spasms, terrible excess saliva, overactive bladder, painful migraines, and reduce hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a health disorder that many people suffer from. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: increased underarms sweating and sweating of the hands and feet. The disease may be caused by different factors like endocrine health problems, different infections, depressions, increased worries and even a bad mood.

Botox underarms injections are FDA-approved. These procedures are effective for people who are not helped by antiperspirants with excessive sweating.

Antiperspirant for Sweating: How Does It Work?

Antiperspirant is a cosmetic product that works at reducing underarm sweating. In addition to combating the bad smell (like deodorant), antiperspirant blocks skin pores and reduces the amount of sweat. Antiperspirants include aluminium salts to make it more difficult for sweat glands to release liquid. It also kills bad bacteria that cause an unpleasant smell. Antiperspirant is effective but not the strongest product to reduce sweating. And in most cases, it doesn’t work. Excessive sweating is a disease and cosmetic means only hide visible signs instead of treating the real problem.

How Does Botox for Sweating Work? 


Botox is a toxin that causes paralyzing action. It blocks nerve signals and prevents muscle contractions. In large quantities, this substance can lead to complete paralysis and even death. However, little purified doses are used to block nerve signals and cause analgesic action. While entering Botox for underarm sweating the patient receives injections directly into the overactive sweat glands. Botulinum toxin paralyzes nerve signals and you stay dry.

Botox injection for sweating is a simple action that takes 15-20 minutes. Doctors enter the substance below the surface of the skin with a very fine needle. As a rule, there are a few shots into the area of concern. Before the procedure doctor treats the injection site with anesthetics to reduce painful feelings during the process. To reach a better effect, the medical provider can offer you repeating the procedure after a while. Botox for underarm sweating cost depends on the dose needed to enter, doctor’s qualification, and clinic’s fees.

Bottom Line

Comparing Botox injections with antiperspirants we tend to recommend the first one. Let’s see why.

Botulinum toxin injection prevents muscle contraction and reduces sweating. Only in this way it influences your body. The effect disappears after a while without affecting your health.
Antiperspirants block skin pores. The active substance here is aluminum salt that may cause different health problems like blood diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. Doctors say that antiperspirants that last for 48 hours or more are especially dangerous.

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