Dysport vs Botox: What is Better

Dysport vs Botox: What is Better

Dysport vs Botox: What is Better

Just a few years ago, women and even men chose to be operated on by a plastic surgeon in order to look young and attractive. The results often did not live up to expectations. Along with this, a large number of techniques were developed aimed at eliminating aesthetic defects. It is especially difficult to remove mimic wrinkles which appear naturally in the course of muscular contractions of the face. The most effective solution to the problem today is Botox or, in scientific terms, botulinum toxin.

Botox: What is It

The main component of the product is botulinum toxin type A. It is released by certain types of bacteria, being in an anaerobic state. It is a poison of organic origin, rich in protein. It causes a disease of the same name and has a parasitizing effect on the nervous system. This provokes respiratory arrest and lethal outcome if the substance is used in large amounts.

Another property of the toxin, which is useful and indispensable in cosmetology, is the ability to temporarily block the muscles. This fact was discovered by scientists in the middle of the last century. Medical specialists buy botox and use this remedy in the treatment of neurological lesions like blepharospasm, tics, cerebral palsy. However, in 1994, the remedy began to be used in cosmetology and spread throughout the world.

Who Needs Botox Injections

The principle of action of this substance is as simple as possible, and even a person who does not have a special education will deal with it without any difficulty. During the procedure, the substance is introduced into any muscle structure. As a result, there is a blockage of acetylcholine release which is responsible for the contraction process. As a result, the muscle is 100% relaxed, which happens in just 6-8 days. This approach helps to smooth out the skin and return it to its former elasticity and tone.

The advantage of this method of rejuvenation is the absence of harmful effects on muscle and nerve structures. Some time later neuromuscular synapses are formed and the motor activity of the muscles restores. The duration of this process traditionally ranges from 1/2 year to a full year. The exact figure depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s face and body.

Over time, experts began to observe that the effect was noticeable even after the toxin was removed from the body. The fact is that the muscles have their own “memory”, and the muscular system gets used to the minimum number of movements. Therefore, even if you do not inject a new portion of the preparation, you can feel a positive result on your face.

This drug works mainly with mimic wrinkles. Most often they are formed in the area of ​​the forehead, eyebrows and corners of the eyes. There are also similar wrinkles around the mouth, on the upper eyelids and on the nasal arch. The drug can be used by patients over the age of 25, although there are no clear restrictions on its use, since it works exclusively with aesthetic defects.

Particular attention should be paid to the effectiveness of this drug in case of problems associated with excessive sweating. After all, after the course of injections, people forget about the unpleasant smell, and wet spots no longer appear on their clothes. A similar situation is observed with the palms and feet. The process is identical: the toxin leads to blocking the functioning of the superficial muscles.

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