How Safe Is It to Get Botox after the COVID-19 Vaccine?

How Safe Is It to Get Botox after the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Botulinum toxin injections are incredibly popular nowadays, not only for cosmetic treatment but for various medical purposes as well. By using it, doctors help patients to deal with several muscle spasm-related issues: chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, twitchy eye, and plenty of others. Thus, it is crucial for some patients to receive the injection on time to preserve their well-being and general positive health dynamics. However, some individuals are deeply concerned about their conditions (immune system safety in particular) due to the pandemic that has been torturing us for three years now. A lot of questions are important for patients, such as “Can I use Botox if I have just got my shot?” or “Won’t the results be worse after the COVID-19 vaccine?”. Today, we are here to discuss this crucial topic and calm you down. Continue reading to enrich your knowledge in the aesthetic medicine sphere.

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Are Botox and Covid Vaccine Compatible?

Botox, similarly to hyaluronic acid gels, is now a modern method of skin rejuvenation and general appearance flaws corrections. That’s one of the main reasons why people became so concerned about their safety after coronavirus vaccination started being available for anyone – practically everyone uses these products for their benefit, and natural fear of the unknown provoked many rumors regarding the combination of Botox and shots.

However, we are here to calm you down: cosmetic botulinum toxin type A can be used after the vaccination without any risks or dreadful consequences. The only thing some patients reported is slight swelling (inflammatory reaction) in the treated zone, but it disappears in a few days after the procedure, so, once again, you can relax and enjoy all the outstanding benefits Botox can provide.

The data for this topic is still being collected, so there are tiny chances of experiencing some severe adverse reactions. That’s why if something feels wrong after the injection session, get in touch with a specialist as soon as possible to consult and receive proper medical help or treatment. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Botox After the Vaccine?

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Botox After the Vaccine?

Cosmetic surgeons and other aesthetic experts recommend waiting for the vaccine to show its full effectiveness before starting Botox injection sessions. That means having the first shot, waiting for two to three weeks (based on the vaccine’s type), and receiving the second dosage. Afterward, when all adverse reactions are gone, a person can sign up for botulinum toxin administration in any beauty clinic. We would also recommend waiting for two weeks after the last COVID-19 vaccine shot to make sure the immune system successfully got used to the new antibodies recently created in the organism.

Commonly Reported Complications After the Botox/Vaccine Combination

According to the latest data, Covid vaccines cannot affect Botox’s effectiveness, and the worst complication that may occur is facial swelling; however, as with all side effects, it should be gone within a few days so that we wouldn’t be too worried about that. All adverse reactions can be eliminated with the help of a specially planned aftercare plan (we are going to talk about it in the next paragraphs).

Typical Side Effects After Botox Injections

Every Botox injection acts pretty similar to any other cosmetic injection available out there. First, there is an administration session, then some time is needed for all adverse reactions to disappear, and finally, an individual is able to enjoy the improvement of their appearance for a significant amount of time. Due to the fear of the unknown, some patients are afraid of dealing with post-treatment negative symptoms at home, so they prefer to stay away from the aesthetic medicine sphere in general. So, now we would like to talk more about those to convince you that all talks about the danger of Botox are not more than just a silly superstition. So, what reactions can be expected after the treatment?

  • Injection spot reactions (swelling, redness, itching, etc.);
  • Increased sensitivity in the place of administration;
  • Too intense muscle relaxation;
  • Headache and nausea;
  • Etc.

The best thing about botulinum toxins is that the side effects of these products are not long-lasting; on the contrary, two-three days is the maximum the recovery process will take. Of course, there are rare exceptions when the body reacts to the product differently, but if a doctor is informed about odd symptoms on time, there will be no threat to one’s well-being.

Post-Vaccine Adverse Reactions

The vaccine for corona virus disease is now crucial to guarantee safety and preserve one’s health conditions; however, because of the adverse events reported to the hospitals, we may understand that most patients have to go through some quite unpleasant experiences to protect their well-being. Typically, the symptoms are similar for different vaccine types; we mean:

  • AstraZeneca vaccine (unilateral pain, typically in the shot administration spot, skin tenderness, dizziness, etc.);
  • Pfizer vaccine (mild tenderness, weakness, increased body temperature);
  • Moderna ( painful sensations in the injection place, headache, dizziness, and so on).

In general, predictable adverse events include the following symptoms:

  • Redness, swelling, itching, and other injection site reactions;
  • Muscle pain, joint stiffness;
  • Vomiting, nausea;
  • Fever, chills, weakness;
  • Blood pressure issues.

Sometimes, people also inform about a delayed hypersensitivity reaction and mild allergic rhinitis, but these are rare, so you shouldn’t be worried about them. The post-vaccine recovery period usually depends on the strength of one’s immune system, so it may vary from two-three days and up to a week.

We highly recommend staying in touch with a doctor in case any unusual or harmful side effects occur after the shot; if taken care of on time, those symptoms won’t be able to hurt anyone.

Is the Procedure Protocol Changes After the Covid Shot?

Speaking about a botulinum toxin injection or hyaluronic acid treatment, the procedure protocol doesn’t change too much after the covid vaccination. Typically, it is performed in four simple steps:

  • Preparation. The target zone is inspected, the amount of treatments is calculated, and the whole process is discussed so the patient knows what to expect;
  • Skin cleansing. The treated spot should be carefully cleaned and numbed (typically by using a topical anesthetic) to eliminate discomfort during the procedure;
  • Botox administration. By using a fine needle, the solution is injected into the muscle to paralyze nerve endings and stop their contraction;
  • Aftercare. In order for all adverse reactions to disappear quickly and without the need to go to the plastic surgery hospital and ask for help, it is recommended to follow a few simple yet effective aftercare tricks to pumper the skin. We will talk about those in more detail in the next paragraph.

In two to three days, patients may notice facial swelling gradually faded without no signs of its presence in the past; other adverse reactions (such as lip swelling and general skin tenderness) should be shortly gone, too. And we would like to remind you once more: if anything bothers you, it is always better to get in touch with a doctor to make sure nothing threatens your safety.

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Popular Tips for Faster Recovery

As it was already mentioned, in order to make the recovery process faster, it is recommended to follow a specially planned aftercare routine needed for the previous cosmetic procedure. Of course, there can be some individual issues present that require consideration and additional aftercare steps; however, generally, the tips are the same for all the patients who chose Botox for therapeutic and cosmetic cases:

  • Don’t massage or rub the treated spot to avoid adverse reactions or complications;
  • Don’t apply pressure to the target area (we’d recommend sleeping on your back, too);
  • Use ice to reduce swelling, bruising, and other negative symptoms;
  • Avoid overheated places, such as hot tubs, saunas, solariums, etc.;
  • Don’t exercise for at least two days to give the body enough time to recover;
  • Don’t use blood-thinning medications for two weeks before and after the treatment (we would also recommend reducing the alcohol intake).

Temporary swelling, redness, and increased sensitivity are 100% natural for Botox; so, if you have the question “Can botulinum toxin cause irritations and discomfort?” the answer to it is yes. However, only after a few days all the adverse reactions will be gone, and you will get a perfect appearance for a significant amount of time.

The Bottom Line About Botox and Covid Injections

Because of the new reality we have to get used to, many people need to relearn trusting things and return to the usual everyday routine. Just like that, Botox for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes is among the things aesthetic treatment patients have to check to make sure nothing threatens their health. There were a lot of questions regarding the combination of coronavirus vaccines and botulinum toxins. Still, we are here to dispel all the rumors and fears and tell you that vaccination is not able to affect one’s health at all. Just like that, Botox remains as effective as before and is able to provide excellent results to those who need this. So, don’t postpone COVID-19 shots, protect your health, and use Botox to preserve your youthful looks. That’s it for today’s article; thank you for reading!

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