What Not to Do Before Botox

What not to do before getting Botox

Botox treatment helps thousands of patients get rid of a wide range of medical and aesthetic issues related to muscle contraction, starting from neck pain and ending with dynamic wrinkles around the facial oval. It is a minimally invasive, safe, and effective procedure that does not require any special pre-treatment preparation. Still, there exist several things to avoid before undergoing Botox injections. What exactly they are? How about checking it out together by going through this article?

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What Is Botox?

Before going through the things that have to be avoided when undergoing Botox treatment, it is essential to figure out what Botox is. So, let us check out the information on its definition, composition, indications, side effects, and expected results.


Botox is a brand of injectable products with strong muscle-relaxing properties. By means of temporarily blocking nerve signals attached to body or facial muscles around the injection site, they take care of a great number of medical and aesthetic problems.

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The composition of Botox is based on botulinum toxin (type A). It is a naturally occurring substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Due to its strong muscle-relaxing properties, botulinum toxin is dangerous and useful at the same time:

  • On the one hand, the excessive dose of botulinum toxin (type A) might lead to serious health complications, such as botulism (still, it rarely happens when the substance is injected into a patient’s body as a part of Botox treatment);
  • On the other hand, botulinum toxin (type A) is an exceptionally effective way of treating a great number of health and cosmetic issues that occur in the body due to overactive muscle movement or muscle contraction.


All indications for Botox treatment might be divided into two main groups, namely health-related indications and cosmetic indications. More precisely, let us take a closer look at what might be treated by means of administering botulinum toxin beneath a patient’s skin:

  • Health-related indications: neck pain, overactive bladder, lazy eye, excessive sweating, chronic migraine, and so on;
  • Cosmetic indications: dynamic wrinkles appearing due to overactive facial expressions combined with the natural aging process (for instance, nasolabial folds, smile lines, or crow’s feet).

Even if a patient experiences any of the above-mentioned indications for Botox injections, they should NOT be performed under the following circumstances: pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergy to botulinum toxin (type A), and so on.

Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Botox treatment does not cause any serious adverse reactions. It is an exceptionally safe procedure that has been approved by FDA. Still, a patient might experience temporary skin irritation and an increased risk of bruising around the treated site.

Luckily, these side effects have a temporary character. They tend to fade away on their own in two to five days after Botox treatment and do not require any medical supervision in most cases. Still, it is preferable to inform a healthcare provider in case of noticing any of them.

Expected Resultswoman getting botox injection

A patient might expect long-lasting but nevertheless non-permanent results after undergoing the Botox treatment. Depending on a patient’s individual peculiarities (such as their health condition, skin type, and age), they have a duration from three to six months on average.

At the same time, it is also worth mentioning that the results of Botox treatment might be substantially prolonged by means of undergoing periodical touch-up injections from time to time. This way, a patient will be able to keep the treated muscles relaxed for as long as possible.

Just like dermal fillers, botulinum toxin products (including Botox) belong to skin treatments intended for professional use. Therefore, only certified healthcare providers with valid medical licenses are eligible to buy and administer them beneath a patient’s skin.

Top 5 Things to Avoid Before Getting Botox

After checking out the general information on Botox treatment, it is high time to discuss what to avoid before undergoing it. Below, you will be able to check out the top 5 things worth being bypassed before receiving an injection of botulinum toxin.

#1. Alcohol

For several days before the Botox appointment, a patient should avoid alcohol. The thing is that champagne, wine, and other drinks of such a kind substantially increase risk of bruising after botulinum toxin injections (the same is applicable to dermal filler injections). Thus, it is of vital importance to avoid alcoholic beverages before getting Botox.

#2. Dental Procedures

It is also important to avoid dental procedures a week prior to Botox injections. This way, it will be possible to minimize the risk of infections after them. In other words, a patient should make sure to postpone their Botox treatment for at least seven days if they have recently undergone any kind of dental procedure.

#3. Blood Thinning Medications

Taking prescription blood thinners (including anti-inflammatory medications) shortly before Botox treatment might not be a good idea. Similar to an alcoholic drink, a blood-thinning medication used to regulate blood pressure might substantially increase the risk of bruising (especially when it comes to facial bruising). Thus, it should be avoided before Botox treatment in order to minimize bruising.

#4. Direct Sun Exposure

Direct sunlight not only leads to sunburn skin but also has a negative impact on the results after Botox treatment. Namely, it might increase the risks of the side effects appearing after an injection of botulinum toxin. Therefore, it is of vital importance to stay away from direct sunlight and always apply a special sunscreen cream to the intended injection site before undergoing a Botox injection.

#5. Certain Food Supplements

It is also preferable to stay away from certain food supplements at least a week prior to the injection of Botox. They include fish oil, cod liver oil, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acid, natural herb, and a wide range of other non-herbal and herbal supplements. This way, a patient will be able to maximize their Botox results and make their Botox aftercare as easy as possible.

The above-mentioned recommendations of what things to avoid before Botox treatment have a general character. However, a healthcare provider might give each patient a list of individual recommendations before the treatment. For instance, sometimes it might be useful to avoid waxing with the help of hair removal creams and not to wear makeup at the injection site at least four hours before injecting Botox. In most cases, these recommendations are given to a patient during the initial free consultation before the procedure.


Final Words

All in all, there exists a number of things to bypass before undergoing Botox treatment. While some patients need to temporarily stop their regular multi-vitamin intake, others have to avoid exercising in the gym for at least a few days before receiving an injection of botulinum toxin. Thus, it is always a good idea to show a prescribing doctor your medical history and ask for pre-treatment recommendations before creating a more youthful appearance by having Botox administered beneath your skin!

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