Before and After Botox Treatment Expectations

Before and After Botox Treatment Expectations

What is the main thing before cosmetic treatments that shouldn’t be ignored? Most specialists say it’s the procedure protocol and realistic expectations for the products used during the administration session. Knowing the main characteristics of the injectable of choice, as well as the way the treatment is performed, is indeed beneficial because, in this way, anxiety caused by the unknown can be easily avoided.

FillerSupplies highly recommends discussing the procedure with patients beforehand to explain the process in more detail and highlight all the important information that should be remembered and understood for a successful appointment. Below, we are going to mention some of the most useful things that should be noted before Botox procedures. Patients will appreciate the honesty and support, and that’s the best way to earn their loyalty. So, let’s start talking about the essentials!

Botox Definition and Primary Characteristics

Botox is a drug with botulinum toxin type A in its base; this component is a paralyzing bacterial toxin, so it works perfectly for solving muscle spasm-related problems in both cosmetic and medical fields.

Even though some people are worried about botulism (the disease botulinum can cause if used in large doses), there is nothing to fear. Explain to your patients that the concentration of this substance is so insignificant the worst it can lead to is temporal muscle weakness in the target area.

In the aesthetic beauty sphere, Botox injections work best for dynamic lines reduction – wrinkles caused by active facial movement. It includes crow’s feet lines, glabellar lines, forehead lines, and other similar imperfections. People in their late 20ies – early 30ies prefer using botulinum toxin-based products to prevent the occurrence of aging signs.

It is better to choose Botox for minor lines and creases; dermal fillers will work much better for static wrinkles, as their main task is to restore lost volume and fill in deep furrows.

As for the medical sphere, this product can be selected to treat such conditions as overactive bladder syndrome, jaw clenching (it must be injected into the masseter muscle), cervical dystonia, chronic migraines, and other muscle spasm-related conditions.

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How to Prepare for the Botox Treatment

Preparing for the Botox injection is incredibly helpful in avoiding potential post-treatment complications. Discuss these with your customers during the pre-injection consultation:

  • Taking arnica or bromelain 2-4 days before the appointment to prevent bruising;
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking for at least a week to not make the healing process more complicated;
  • Eliminating medications with blood-thinning properties, such as Ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, and certain herbal supplements.

It’s better to warn Botox patients to come makeup-free to the appointment because the skin should be clean anyway, so it will be removed before the injection session starts.Before and After Botox

Before and After Botox – Expected Results

To understand botulinum toxin procedures better, offer your clients to see Botox photos of your clients. It will increase their general understanding of the treatment and determine whether this product is right for them.

Typically, Botox injections work well for the following target areas:

  • Frown lines. If botulinum toxin is administered in the forehead zone, it may minimize its movement and ensure the lines that sometimes give us an angry look won’t occur;
  • Crow’s feet. These typically appear because of smiling, squinting, and having emotional facial expressions in general;
  • Glabellar lines. They usually happen when we are frowning; the target for these lines is the zone between the eyebrows.

Four to six months of skin improvement may be expected if the procedure is performed correctly according to all the safety rules. Such individual factors mainly define as age, initial skin condition, health issues, and others. That’s why talking about Botox treatment with high-quality products is essential for everyone.

More About the Procedure Protocol

First of all, the treatment zone is cleaned carefully before the injection session; this is important to get rid of any contaminants that may be present on the facial surface during the procedure. Ask your Botox patient to make some facial expressions to see where the lines occur, and botulinum toxin should be administered, kind of map out the injection zones.

Afterward, the product is injected into the muscles; for customers with sensitive skin and low pain tolerance, we recommend using a topical numbing cream to ensure they don’t experience pain during the injection session. The entire treatment shouldn’t last longer than 15 minutes, and the first results should become noticeable within a few days after the appointment.

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What to Do After the Injection Session? Do’s and Don’ts

Botox results highly depend on the quality of aftercare provided after its administration. So, if you remember its do’s and don’ts, there should be no problems, and recovery time shouldn’t take long. Let’s look closely at some of the most common recommendations for people with any skin type and aesthetic requests.

Post-Botox don’ts to remember:

  • Lying flat on the back right after the procedure (it is better to wait for a few hours for the product to settle);
  • Sleeping with your face down (unwanted pressure may cause botulinum toxin migration to the nearest areas);
  • Applying pressure to the Botox administration spot (once again, the product’s migration may be caused);
  • Opening skin to the sun exposure without proper protection (SPF and a hat is a good idea);
  • Spending too much time in overheated places (like saunas, hot tubs, solariums, etc.).

Of course, some pieces of advice help reach amazing results faster and with fewer unpleasant adverse reactions. Mention these to your customers before the appointment:

  • Applying a cold compress to the injection spot to reduce swelling;
  • Avoiding vigorous activities and exercising for a few days to reduce the chances of product migration;
  • Continue taking anti-bruising for a few days after the appointment;
  • Purchasing a special neck pillow to stop themselves from moving to the belly during the night.

Ensure to inform people they should contact you if any warning signs occur after the injection session. It includes allergic reactions, hints of Botox spreading under the skin, trouble breathing, blurred vision, extreme pain in the injection spot, and others. Many patients don’t know that these symptoms may be potentially dangerous, so it’s better to highlight this fact to them.

Ensure Effect Gets to Its Highest Potential

Many individuals wonder whether it’s possible to do something to prolong Botox’s effect. Well, there are a few things they will be happy to hear; Botox injections will last longer if these simple recommendations are followed:

  • Limiting sun exposure and always protecting skin with sunscreen;
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, which include nutrition, physical activity, bad habits, and others;
  • Following an anti-aging skincare routine; it would be better if it’s created together with a beautician according to the skin type and other peculiarities;
  • Be sure to attend Botox appointments and have maintenance treatment regularly.

That’s it; if these tips are followed, Botox will keep its effectiveness for much longer. Of course, the routine should be created according to one’s health peculiarities, age, skin, and other aspects; overall, recommendations remain the same for everyone.

To Sum Up the Discussion

As you can see, the main thing about Botox treatments is to be open about it with your clients and discuss all the nuances of before and after Botox injection. That’s crucial to ensure they are aware of the process, know how to take care of themselves after the injection session, and know when it’s time to contact a professional. Ensure to talk with them in advance to clear out all the essential nuances. Remember, in this sphere, communication is key!

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