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Juvederm Volux for Chin and Jawline

Juvederm Volux for Chin and Jawline

Have you got a genetically weaker jaw or weak chin? Does your face lack harmony and balance of proportion between the upper and lower parts? Do not worry! With Volux dermal filler from Juvederm, you can correct it within a few minutes. Let’s figure out how!

Why Are Chin and Jawline Sculpting so Popular?

In recent years, the interest in the sculpting of the lower third of the face has considerably increased. And we are speaking here equally about men and women, young and older patients. How can it be explained?

Well, such mass chin and jawline enhancement are partially indicated to many patients with an aim to harmonize and balance the facial features, and second, a modern trend which came from popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Hailey Bibber, and others who have got naturally well-defined and clear contours of the jawline and filler.

Juvederm Volux – a New Era of Chin and Jawline Sculpting

With modern hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, many aesthetic imperfections or even whims became nothing but a trifle. Just a few injections and some milliliters of hyaluronic acid, and you can get anything you want: full lips, defined jawline, clear cheekbones, straight nose, larger chin.

Of course, not all fillers are suitable for administration into the chin and jaw area, as they should be dense and viscous enough to form and keep a clear shape. Jawline filler Juvederm Volux is a perfect product for this purpose, which was specifically elaborated by Allergan specialists for jawline contouring.

Juvederm Volux: How Does It Differ?

With so many hyaluronic injectables, many patients do not understand what the difference is between them and why they need one filler for their lips and completely different for the jawline. Even despite the same base, hyaluronic acid dermal filler for eliminating wrinkles considerably differs from the dermal gel elaborated for facial sculpting.

Juvederm Volux dermal filler was specifically elaborated for facial definition, jawline, chin, and cheek enhancement. We must say it is a unique product that differs from other Juvederm dermal fillers and gels from the other brands.

The main difference lies in the highest levels of viscosity and density for giving facial definition of these areas. At the same time, the filler is plastic for easy administration and the formation of the needed shape of the chin and jawline.Juvederm Volux

Sculpting of the Lower Face with Juvederm Volux

You may hear the word “sculpting” and assume that Volux filler treatment is something different than other filler skin treatments. In fact, if this is not your first treatment with dermal fillers, you will not experience anything new.

If you are visiting aesthetic doctors to improve facial harmony for the first time, I will tell you how everything will go on. In general, this is a quick procedure that should not take more than 60 minutes. The treatment will start with careful makeup removing, and cleansing of the treated area.

All Juvederm dermal fillers contain lidocaine in their composition, but if you are very sensitive, the doctor may apply numbing cream to make the procedure more comfortable and less painful. After that, he/she will perform a sequence of injections into the soft tissues of the target area: chin or jawline. And that is it!

The pleasant news is that unlike after other treatments, you will see the immediate result directly after the jawline or chin filler treatment. The result will approve after a few days when all side effects and skin irritation disappear.

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Juvederm Volux: What to Do if You are not Satisfied with the Results?

Of course, it is better to avoid such a situation when you are dissatisfied with the outcome. How? First, form adequate expectations from the procedure or do not wait for that jawline filler will turn you into Anjie or Pitt (believe me, there were such cases), and second, choose a certified and experienced doctor. In the experienced medical hands, there are more chances you will get the result you came for.

However, if, for some reason, you understand that you do not like your new jawline or chin, there is a solution. Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance that is gradually digested by inner metabolism processes. To accelerate this process, the doctor can inject hyaluronidase that will eliminate all injected gel in a few days.

How Long Do the Results of Juvederm Volux Last?

Volux dermal filler, as all hyaluronic gels, will not last in the soft tissue forever. However, the great thing is that compared to its “brothers” it will last much longer due to its high level of viscosity and density. So, it will take the organism much longer to digest the filler. Actually, this is one of the longer-lasting fillers on the market that can provide a volumizing effect on the jawline area and chin area for up to 24 months. However, more mature patients and younger patients who are looking for perfectly clear contours do the follow-up injection approximately once in 12-18 months.

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