How Does Penis Enlargement Filler Work?

Penis enlargement fillers

For a lot of men, penis size is a taboo topic because of how insecure they may feel if they can’t meet certain expectations or average measurements. Despite what their desires are (bigger length, girth, or more impressive penis shaft in general), aesthetic medicine procedures can meet all their needs and guarantee non-invasive treatment options for every request. In this case, we are talking about dermal filler penis enhancement. Today’s article is dedicated to this sensitive topic; we believe there will be fewer fears regarding this procedure after a clearer explanation. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, so let’s learn more about the innovative treatment option not many men have heard about.

Is Penis Enlargement the Right Procedure for Me?

The first and most important thing that should be discussed before the filler-in-penis treatment is a patient’s expectations. The thing is, a lot of men have unrealistic goals set for their doctors, so it is a good idea to explain the process and the basic information about the procedure to them.

Penis shape and size vary greatly; according to the latest data, the average size ranges in the following way:

  • Flaccid lengths – 2.7-3.8 inches (7 to 10 cm),
  • Erect measurements – 4.8 to 6.4 inches (12 to 16 cm),
  • Flaccid circumferences – 3.4 to 3.7 inches (9 to 10 cm), and
  • Erect circumference – 4.8 inches (12 cm).

The perfect patient for penile girth and size enlargement meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • Below average penis girth or length;
  • Circumcised penis;
  • Frequent premature ejaculation;
  • Lack of confidence caused by the penis size (it is vital to ensure a patient has realistic expectations for the procedure).

Penis filler injections are not the cheapest, so make sure you are ready for such expenses because repetitive treatment sessions are required to maintain desired results after the filler wears off.

Penis enlargement procedure


Penis Filler Before and After Measurements

After multiple sharp needle injections, men may expect some impressive results; even though dermal filler can significantly increase penis girth and length, it is still important to have realistic expectations. So, what are the average results guaranteed after the procedure?

  • The girth of the penis may be enlarged by 2-3.5 cm;
  • Penis length can be increased by 2-4 cm.

The results are noticeable in both rest and erected positions, and the improvement mainly depends on the amount of gel administered during the injection session.

Penis Filler Cost

Juvederm Voluma XC is one of the most effective and widely used products for penis augmentation. The price for performing penis enlargement depends mainly on the end goal of the treatment.

First of all, multiple sessions are required to get to the final result. 8-10 syringes will be needed for the average-sized penises, and at least two appointments will be necessary for a noticeable improvement. Note that at least 4-6 weeks should be between two treatment sessions. After that, the procedure should be performed yearly or biyearly to maintain the results.

  • 1-10 syringes of Juvederm Voluma XC – $800 per syringe;
  • 11+ syringes of Juvederm Voluma XC – $750 per syringe.

Of course, it depends greatly on the clinic and the doctor chosen to perform the procedure, but the average cost for penis enhancement injections remains the same.

Penile Enlargement Procedure Protocol

A lot of men find it difficult to go through a penis enlargement procedure because of their natural shyness and general superstitions. For such individuals, we encourage having a heart-to-heart discussion with a doctor to talk about all the pros and cons of this treatment. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, so let’s go through some basic steps in the procedure protocol that may improve your knowledge of the process itself. Who knows, maybe the fear of the unknown is the problem that stops you from trying a penis dermal filler?

Before the Procedure

Prior to this non-surgical procedure, certain steps should be completed to make the process easier and safer for a patient. All specialists recommend following these pieces of advice:

  • Trim the hair in the delicate area a few days before the procedure;
  • On the day of the filler procedure, wash it with soap and water;
  • One week before the injection session, stop taking blood-thinning medications like aspirin, vitamin E, or any type of anti-inflammatory drugs. In this way, you will reduce the chances of getting severe adverse reactions.

On the Day of the Treatment

Thirty minutes before the procedure, numbing cream is applied to the injection area to eliminate any discomfort in the sensitive area (overall, topical and local anesthesia options are available for individuals with low pain tolerance). Afterward, the hyaluronic acid gel can be administered with a rounded cannula or a syringe; by the way, the solution also contains lidocaine, so during the administration, the process is not painful. In order not to cause asymmetry, 2-3ml of the filler can also be injected into the penis glans.

The procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes (depending on the filler’s amount), and the penis is wrapped into a special stretchy bandage afterward to keep the shape. Specialists recommend not removing it for at least 12 hours after the injection session.

After the Procedure

Even those penis enlargement surgery is safe and rarely causes severe inconveniences, there are still some side effects that should be informed to patients for them to be prepared for:

  • Bruising and tenderness (sometimes, bruising may get worse after one-two day);
  • Swelling (it may last for a few days; it is better to recommend anty-swelling pills before the treatment itself);
  • And so on.

It’s not okay to be in pain during urination, so if it happens, it is crucial to contact a medical professional as soon as possible to make sure certain unwanted complications don’t follow the healing process.

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Please remember: It is important to avoid sexual intercourse or masturbation for the first three weeks after the filler administration. If it happens, wash your penis after intercourse with warm water and soap. Also, it is better to wash it twice a day for the first week after the procedure.

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Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Penile Shaft and Length Enhancement?

Before the procedure, it is important to discuss all the nuances with a doctor to make sure it is safe for a patient and won’t cause any trouble in the future. The following conditions may be the reason not to try dermal fillers to enlarge one’s penis size:

  • Autoimmune diseases and acute stages of chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, oncology, etc.);
  • Uncircumcised penis;
  • The presence of untreated sexually transmitted infections;
  • History of permanent implants injected (like silicone oil in high volume);
  • Sensitivity to hyaluronic acid or any other component of the filler;
  • Unrealistic expectations for the procedure.

It is also important to know that this treatment is not able to correct the bending or curving of the penis. And, of course, all the goals should be previously discussed with a medical specialist to make sure the product can fulfill all patient’s needs.

The Final Word. Dermal Fillers for Penis Enlargement

Penis enhancement with the help of dermal fillers is a common procedure used more and more often in the aesthetic medicine sphere. Even though it may sound scary for some people, there is nothing to worry about. Painkillers are typically used before the appointment, the gel itself contains lidocaine, and the whole process takes no longer than an hour. If all doctor’s recommendations are followed after the treatment, there should be no severe adverse reactions or complications in general.

Of course, it is crucial to have realistic expectations for the treatment because there are still certain limits that should be understood. But we hope you got a clear explanation of the whole process in this article. Thank you for visiting the blog. Stay safe!

P.S. Due to the fact that botulinum toxin is a substance intended for professional use, only a certified healthcare provider might buy Botox wholesale and retail.

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