How Can Mesotherapy Improve Your Skin?

How can Mesotherapy Improve Your Skin?

Among numerous available options of effective skin rejuvenation out there, mesotherapy is undoubtedly among the most beloved and popular ones. This procedure performed with the help of fine needles can be an effective solution for people with fine lines, loose skin, age-related imperfections, and other problems that can be annoying sometimes.

In today’s article, we would like to talk more about how exactly mesotherapy injection can guarantee youthful and healthy skin. We understand that many people don’t try new beauty treatments because they are unsure how everything will be performed and what to expect afterward. That’s why FillerSupplies is here, ready to be your guide to the world of beauty. Let’s learn together!

What Are the Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatment?

Mesotherapy is the best variant for those who want to have younger-looking, glowing skin. With its help, beauticians are able to eliminate superficial wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin production in the body, remove excess fat, improve poor circulation of the blood, and work on other factors that may cause several insecurities in a client.

After injecting mesotherapy cocktail into the middle layer of the dermis, it is possible to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Enrich skin with nutrients and vitamins. The best thing about the solution used during the injection session is that a typical mesotherapy cocktail is made of active ingredients needed for a person individually. It may include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, growth factors, natural plant extracts, nutrients, and other beneficial components. Sometimes, doctors may also add prescription medication to the solution;
  • Improve skin condition in many ways. By using the series of treatment sessions, such actions as skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, blood circulation, and skin tone improvement, collagen production boost, and other positive changes can be performed. There’s no need to use plastic surgeons’ services and have risky, complicated operations performed to raise skin quality. Everything mentioned above may be done with the help of cosmetic dermatology;
  • Effective skin hydration. With the help of a few mesotherapy procedures, moisture content can be increased in the skin. As followed, you may instantly improve dull, depressed, and saggy dermis in various facial areas;
  • All skin types may be improved mesotherapy. With age, many issues related to skin aging may bother people: mimic and deep facial wrinkles, skin discoloration, patches, and so on. Several mesotherapy sessions supported by the maintenance treatments can get rid of those fast, easily, and with minimal adverse reactions afterward;
  • This effective treatment is a perfect alternative to surgeries. As it was already mentioned, plastic surgeries are complicated and may often cause serious complications in a person. Moreover, they cannot always guarantee the desired result and fast recovery afterward. That’s why mesotherapy is such a great option – it’s less expensive, safe, and can guarantee a natural-looking effect without the need to go under a knife;
  • Great variety of possibilities. Mesotherapy works perfectly not only for skin rejuvenation purposes but also for hair condition improvement (to cure alopecia) and effective fat removal in certain body areas. Special mesotherapy solutions exist for these purposes, and this step should always be discussed with an experienced professional prior to the treatment.

Target Areas and Possible Results of the Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation

Target Areas of the Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation

As you’ve read, mesotherapy cosmetic treatment is a perfect solution for plenty of aesthetic problems. But here, we would like to discuss possible ways of skin improvement in the facial, neck, arm, and decollete areas.

Speaking about the face, patients may experience such changes for the better as brightening of the dark circles under the eyes, acne reduction, skin pigment lightening, wrinkles and creases reduction, etc. With the help of the injection, it is possible to flush out ageing toxins from the body and, in this way, achieve a more prolonged effect and more glorious results.

Regarding body improvement, clients may expect such positive influences as skin laxity boost, stretch mark elimination, cellulite reduction, loose skin tightening. Of course, it is important to remember that some time is needed in order to see the beneficial effect of the treatment. Typically, it takes from three to five weeks after each injection session.

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In case you are afraid that the treatment may be painful, no worries – a numbing cream and local anesthetic are used before the injection session. In this way, discomfort and painful sensations are eliminated to the maximum.

Aftercare Tips for a Better Effect

In order to eliminate the possibility of adverse reactions after the injection session, as well as to see the results faster, a patient should follow some pre- and aftercare rules. Those are typically discussed with a medical expert before the treatment itself.

Before the mesotherapy procedure, some products should be avoided. We are talking about:

  • Alcohol (one day before the session);
  • Blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory medications (two weak before the treatment);
  • Retin-A (at least two days before the procedure).

Mesotherapy is not recommended for people who have skin damage, inflammation, or irritation in the treated zone. Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot use meso cocktails for their skin as well.

Speaking about the aftercare, it is better to remember three ground rules:

  • Do not massage the area of injection to eliminate the risks of the adverse reaction (however, if it was recommended by the health care provider, you should follow their advice);
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least a day (better make it three);
  • Protect the skin from the direct sunlight, as well as from overheated places (namely hot showers/bathtubs, saunas, solariums, steam rooms, and so on).

By following everything mentioned above, a client will manage to eliminate various dangerous conditions and see the effect in no time. We would like to remind you that, in case any complications or severe side effects appear after the mesotherapy, it is important to contact a medical specialist as soon as possible to get proper medical advice or treatment. Even though all components used in the meso cocktail are safe, some individuals still experience unpleasant adverse reactions.

The Final Word

Mesotherapy treatment is a perfect way to improve one’s skin condition and eliminate various aesthetic problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, and other imperfections. Its success may be easily explained by the fabulous composition of every meso cocktail, which is picked for every person individually.

Hopefully, you’ve found all the answers about mesotherapy you’ve been looking for in our article. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned, many interesting topics are going to be discussed in our blog soon. Take care!

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