Sculptra Aesthetic: a Poly-L-Lactic Acid Facial Injection

Sculptra Aesthetic Treatment

Collagen loss and, as followed, noticeable skin sagging is an aesthetic problem many people try to deal with on a daily basis. Even though this process is natural and is not something to be ashamed of, the cosmetic sphere still tries to come up with some ways to improve collagen production and provide patients with rejuvenated, glowing skin they are dreaming of.

One of the most commonly used and well-known products for this purpose is, of course, Sculptra dermal filler. Not only can it fill in deep facial creases and folds, but it also stimulates the production of various beneficial substances in the body. As followed, a client may enjoy a younger-looking appearance and enhanced skin condition.

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What Is Poly-L-Lactic Acid Sculptra Treatment?


Sculptra – a famous collagen stimulator and poly-L-lactic-based filler for aging signs elimination in patients. Its main benefit over other similar injectables s that, after the administration, it goes into the deep dermis layers rather than superficial ones; in this way, the treatment leads to longer results and better effectiveness overall.

This type of aesthetic procedure has two main goals – restore the lost volume and, after that, the internal skin structure overall. It is important to have an appointment with a beautician before injecting Sculptra to know whether this filler is suitable for all set appearance goals.

But why is Sculptra is among the most preferable brands among beauty experts out there? The thing is, natural collagen loss is a process that is inevitable for every person. It begins in the mid-twenties and progresses more and more with each year. As a result, we have hollow areas on the face, facial fat loss, as well as facial volume reduction. Of course, other factors may affect one’s appearance as well, namely environmental condition, sun exposure, stress level. That’s why it is so important to control this process and boost natural collagen production in the body by using various aesthetic medicine methods available in the cosmetic industry. So, if you’ve been looking for the right solution for you – maybe Sculptra is your perfect variant?

Basic Characteristics of Sculptra for Facial Rejuvenation

Before making a decision to start Sculptra treatment sessions, it is better to get to know its main characteristics in order to be aware of what to expect and how to take proper care of yourself after the procedure itself.

Here, we gathered all the vital info on this topic and tried to explain it as easily and understandable as possible. Of course, you may still ask any questions in the beautician’s office; this option is even better because a doctor may tell you all answers based on your individual skin condition.

Target areas for the procedure

When Sculptra cosmetic procedures just appeared on the market, they were meant for cheek volume restoration. Unlike other hyaluronic acid fillers. Sculptra works with facial volumization more than just with filling in creases. For years, professionals started using it for volume restoration in other facial areas, as well as for other purposes (e.g., to cow down the aging process).

And even though this aesthetic treatment can now be used to eliminate facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, deep facial folds, and other unpleasant imperfections, its main goal is still sunken skin improvement. So, what areas can be perfected with the help of this face injectable?

  • Chin wrinkles elimination;
  • Facial wrinkles correction;
  • Skin discoloration, texture, surface improvement;
  • Facial shape correction.

The treatment area, as well as the amount of the gel and the number of sessions, are always previously discussed with a specialist in a clinic. That’s important to be sure that the procedure is suitable for one’s goals. It may depend on the age, skin thickness, overall health condition of a person, and other crucial aspects.

If an expert is experienced and uses the correct injection technique, treatment results should appear approximately 6 weeks after the Sculptra administration. All because collagen production boost is a long process and requires some time to demonstrate a positive effect in all its glory. Speaking about the gel’s durability, most patients reported that they enjoyed a youthful appearance for as long as 25 weeks after the last appointment.

Side effects and limitations

Speaking about possible post-treatment adverse reactions, the list here is pretty similar to the side effects of any other dermal fillers for skin perfection. Of course, first, we have injection site reactions – the most typical and practically unavoidable symptom. It includes such unfortunate complications as skin redness, swelling, bruising, itching, as well as high tenderness of the treated area (or of those located near it). Typically, those should be gone from 5 days to 15, depending on one’s skin condition, special health features, beautician’s technique quality, and other factors.

Other more serious symptoms include lumps and bumps formation under the skin, the risk of infection, and slight allergic reactions. Those should be reported to the beautician as soon as possible for one’s safety and well-being overall.

Do not use Sculptra if there are any allergies to any component of the filler, skin damages and inflammation in the treated area, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions previously discussed with a professional.

Main safety rules

Specialists recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure and hot places like bathtubs, solarium, sauna, and other similar locations. It is also better to avoid strenuous exercise, treatment area massage, and sleeping with your face down on the pillow. All of these steps will be extremely helpful to make the recovery process faster and avoid unfortunate adverse reactions in the future.

Some medications should also be avoided before and after the administration for at least a week. These include anti-inflammatory medicines, any type of Omega-3 supplements, vitamin E, and so on. This aspect is better to be discussed with a professional as well.

The Bottom Line

Sculptra dermal fillers are an effective way to boost one’s appearance for a long time and with minimal possible adverse reactions. This product is a perfect collagen stimulater that will not only eliminate aging signs in a person, but also will get to the root of the problem and improve collagen, HA, and elastin production naturally in the body. You can also see a comparison of Ellanse vs Sculptra in our article.

The procedure can only be performed by an experienced professional who knows correct injection techniques. And of course, it is better not to forget about the consultation to discuss all the most important aspects of the Sculptra injection session. That’s all for today. Thank you for reading!

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