Do Botox breast lifts work?

Do Botox breast lifts work

Botox expands the spheres of its application, and this time, it intends to compete with plastic surgery. Although it does not possess the plumping or lifting abilities, the doctors have found the way Botox for breast may lift this area without surgical invasion and a long and painful recovery process. Such prospects seduce women all over the world and make them more often prefer the help of a cosmetologist or therapist but not a plastic surgeon.

What is a breast lift (mastopexy)?

With age, the muscles and skin lose their elasticity and begin to stretch out. Especially topical this problem is for such area as breasts as they additionally suffer from their own weight. The bigger and heavier the breast is, the sooner it will begin to sag.

The surgeons have found the solution to remove the excess skin and lift breasts. For many years, it has been the only way out, but medicine does not stay still, and Botox breast lift gradually takes work from plastic surgeons.

How does it work?

Many people may be surprised by hearing that Botox can help with this delicate problem. We all got used that it smooths wrinkles, cures migraines, helps with excessive sweating, and a number of other therapeutic problems, but breast? We also know that it has neuro relaxing action and blocks the nerve endings. So, how can it help to lift breasts?

The principle of Botox treatment is stably unchanged and is invariably based on its neuro blocking ability. The doctor (just certified specialist may perform such procedures) will inject a specific amount of the Botulinum A toxin under the skin of the patient into the pectoralis major muscle, and the toxin makes it relax. When this muscle is predominately inactive, the other muscles strain and take the function of holding and supporting the breasts, lifting them, and re-shaping.

It is worth mentioning that ‘breast Botox’ works just with breasts size cup A and B. In cases with bigger sizes, the muscles themselves are too weak to lift the weight of breast on their own, so there is no sense in this procedure.

The patient also should not expect any addition of the volume. As breast weight is mainly comprised out of fat, Botox has nothing to do with that and cannot have an impact on the size. However, when the breasts are lifted, their form and general appearance improves, which creates a visual effect of increased volume.

The issue where it works just perfect may be the décolleté zone, where this drug can return the smooth skin. However, let us remember that it can eliminate just mimic wrinkles, not the ones caused by natural aging processes.

Disputes around the procedure

Well, this method is relatively young and not FDA approved. The doctors, who perform Botox injections for breast lift, do it off label. So, the effectiveness of the drug for this purpose is still under investigation and has got supporters and opponents.

Some doctors are quite skeptical and strictly criticize the Botox suppliers for exposing their drug as a way to lift the breasts. Others regard it as a future successful alternative to plastic surgery.
The first group is concerned especially by the toxin’s ability to migrate and spread from the area of injection, and as breasts are located near the heart and lungs, there are a lot of potential risks. They also criticize the fact that it can work just with breasts size A and B and gives the effect of lifting not longer than for six months. Taking into account the price of Botox, multiple injections every 3-6 months will not be cheaper than the services of a surgeon.

The supporters of this innovative method are very positive and believe it is better to lift the breast at least for half a year and then do re-injection than to undergo a complex and painful procedure of surgery with many more risks and harms to health.

What to advise a client?

The news is spreading fast, and many women may decide to try this procedure. What the doctor should do? If the women’s breast cup size is C and up – undeniably, this way of breast lift is not for her. In other cases, it is important also to estimate the client’s health and wishes. If the client expects to plump her breasts, Botox will disappoint her. Also, the therapist would have to do special training before including Botox breast lift in the list of his/her services.

Can I buy Botox online? – Yes, if you are a certified specialist.

Whether you decide to try lifting your patients’ breasts with Botox or will wait for more tests and investigation of this procedure, you may buy Botox online at for other purposes, as we offer the top-quality product at a very attractive price.

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