Allergan: The Most Famous Botox Maker. What You Should Know About It?

Allergan: The Most Famous Botox Maker. What You Should Know About It?

We are sure everyone in the beauty industry heard about Allergan pharmaceutical company. This well-known manufacturer proved its reputation and gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of aesthetic medicine experts. Over the years, it acquired the assets of other companies, thus increasing the variety of its products, as well as helped to significantly increase the number of customers around the world.

Let’s learn more about this legend. How did it begin its history? Why is it so popular? What are people’s favorite products, and what made them as highly demanded as they are nowadays? Keep reading to find out!

The history of Allergan

The history of Allergan

Allergan history started in 1950 when they were known as Allergan Pharmaceuticals Inc. The founder, Gavin S. Herbert from Dublin, Ireland, created the first-ever drug, which was called Allergan, along with the chemist Stanely Bly. This medication was an antihistamine meant for administration via the nose. Next, eye drops were included in stock, which was the main focus of the manufacturer along with other eye care products up to 1970. Almost nineteen years later, Allergan acquired the company that produced FDA-approved Botox for medical goals and became a public company. Only medical professionals with a license can buy Botox.

Over the years, a lot of businesses attempted to buy Allergan, including SmithKline Beckman, Actavis, Teva Pharmaceuticals, etc. While being part of the last company (during 2016), Allergan purchased eight subsidiaries; the list included Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Motus Therapeutics, RetroSense Therapeutics, and others.

Finally, according to the news, in 2019, two manufacturers (AbbVie and Allergan) announced their cooperation to the world. Now Allergan is an American pharmaceutical business that has its headquarters in the USA and Ireland with Brent Saunders as a CEO. The number of employees counts more than 17,000 people all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, and Africa. The revenue in 2018 counted nearly $16 billion, which clearly demonstrates the unbelievable success of the company.

The most famous products by Allergan company

Allergan began as a small business that produced eye care products, such as kits for contact lens care, medications for cataracts and glaucoma, dry eyes, and different types of cancers. Later, with the help of modern technologies, such goods as medicines for the central nervous system, gastroenterology, as well as injections for aesthetic treatment appeared on the market.

In 2019, Allergan and AbbVie tried to launch a new product – BIOCELL textured breast implants and tissue expanders. Unfortunately, as it may happen with many ideas, this one was canceled because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested to recall this product due to the risk of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and other dangerous side effects.

Some popular brands by this manufacturer include Juvederm (it specializes in dermal fillers), Oxytrol (for overactive bladder syndrome treatments), Fetzima (which is an SNRI antidepressant), Kybella (for eliminating fat cells under the chin), etc. And even though all the previously mentioned products are effective and provide outstanding results, the legend of Allergan that brought the company to the top is and always will be neural-muscular blocker Botox.

Botox is well-known not only among beauticians in aesthetic medicine because it is very effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the forehead, mouth, and chin areas. This injection is also wildly used for curing various health issues in people; those include chronic migraines, excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), cerebral palsy in children from to years of age and older, etc. Its effectiveness and positive results made Botox injection treatment one of the most popular all around the world and increased Botox manufacture dramatically.

Why is Allergan pharmaceutical company is so popular?

Why is Allergan pharmaceutical company is so popular?

It is a well-known fact that reputation is everything for companies in businesses with a high level of competition on the market. Allergan is a great example and proof of this statement because it is active for many years now and gained the trust of thousands of hundreds of satisfied customers.

The effectiveness, fabulous results and affordable prices just strengthen its positions among the competitors. The products are so good their generic versions became highly demanded among regular clients too, so drugmakers may provide slightly cheaper versions of the products to those who actively use that (generic versions of the products are analogs of the brand name drugs that cost less and are produced by the different manufacturer).

And do not forget that non-invasive types of treatments are on the rise right now because they are quicker, easier in application, cause minimal side effects and allow people to go back to everyday routine almost immediately after the procedure. And, as Allergan is the most famous thanks to the status of a Botox maker and Juvederm injectables, there’s no wonder it is so popular in 2021.

Final Word

Even though a lot of other devices and drugs appear on the market nowadays, Allergan still keeps its positions and, as we all can see, does not plan to give up soon. This is the result of the 70 years history, constant development, and high-quality products that do not stop surprising even regular customers who know everything about the company.

Such goods as Botox, Juvederm, Oxytrol, Kybella, as well as various other medicines used in different medical spheres, built the reputation of the company, brought lots of customers that became regular surprisingly quickly, and proved one more time that Allergan pharmaceutical got its status thanks to the constant work and development. And we are proud to spread the good words about Allergan all around the world because our satisfied clients told us all about the amazing results after the medications by this manufacturer. Thank you for reading!

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