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NEUROBLOC (MYOBLOCK) 10000U by Solstice Neurosciences is an injectable used by doctors to stop and calm muscle contractions

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Neurobloc (Myobloc) contains ‘Botulinium Toxin Type B’ and is used for treating an illness such as cervical dystonia (torticollis) by reducing the severity of abnormal head positions and neck pains associated with this condition. This disease manifests itself in neck or shoulder muscles contractions that you can not control. Neurobloc (Myobloc) was the first FDA approved medical product for treating this disease. Furthermore Neurobloc can be used for treating glabellar frown lines and as a alternative for Botulinum products type A.

Neurobloc product should only be injected by medical professionals in treatments of the above stated and other cases. The strength of the product is 10 000U and the ratio compared to Botulinum toxins type A for cervical dystonia (torticollis) is 50:1 and for glabellar frown lines it apperars to be 100:1.

You can buy Neurobloc (Myobloc) online at in the USA.