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Azzalure 125U (2 x 125ml Vials per Box)

Azzalure 125U is a botulinum type A product. It has gone many scientific kinds of research and showing amazing results. Doctors who use botulinum toxin type A must have the appropriate training in use or high qualification in such treating. You can buy Azzalure 125U online from in the USA.

The effect of injection continues from four to five months. There no average treatment interval. It depends on the individual patient response.

Azzalure has some side effects after injection. They may be different in every patient. It depends on the type of procedure and the area of injection; muscles weakness in injected area and headaches. Also difficulties breathing, swallowing, speaking. The doctor must be very careful with dosage to avoid overdose which leads to adverse effects.

Doctors must first of all inform every patient about the risks associated with the use of Azzalure. Also instruct how they could recognize first symptoms of side effects. Don’t forget to ask about allergic reactions to any ingredients of botulinum toxin type A. Also informed your patients about: treatment objectives and expected outcome. he causes of glabellar lines, complementary and alternative treatment options.

The recommended dose of is 50 Speywood units (0.25 ml of the reconstituted solution) of Azzalure must be divided into 5 injection sites, 10 Speywood units (0.05 ml of the reconstituted solution) are to be administered intramuscularly into each of the 5 sites: 2 injections into each corrugator muscle and one into the procerus muscle near the nasofrontal angle.

If patients feel some of the side effect first of all avoid dangerous activities.

This product is designed for adults whose age above 18 years.

Unused Azzalure immediately inactivated with 2mldilute sodium hypochlorite at 0.55 or 1% (bleach). Each vial is for one usage only and must be discarded into appropriate containers. The treatment may be repeated as recommended in the SmPC.

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