ZO Brightenex 1.0% Retinol 75ml


ZO® BRIGHTENEX is a correcting and skin brightener cream from the world famous manufacturer ZO. The main ingredients of this product are vitamins C and E, retinol, isoflavinoids, glutathione, glucosamine and herbal extracts. Also high-potency retinol and ascorbic acid-2 glucoside, which help exfoliate dead skin cells, increasing cell turnover and breaking up existing skin pigmentation to help brighten and even the skin tone. What is really interested about this products? It does not contain hydroquinone.

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ZO Brightenex 1.0% Retinol 75ml

ZO BRIGHTENEX is used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for those who have any sun damaged skin. Also, it is used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation.


  • Twice a week, then gradually increase to every other day then once every day, if their skin can tolerate it.
  • Three to seven days after first using this skin brightener, your patients should experience dryness, peeling, and irritation as the ingredients help exfoliate dead cells from the skin’s surface.
  • If the irritation and burning sensation persist, your patients should stop using ZO BRIGHTENEX™ until these symptoms subside, then gradually begin using the skin brightener again to build their tolerance.
  • If you need a less- aggressive skin-brighter, you can mix ZO BRIGHTENEX with ZO RESTORACALM and use them once a week.

Also, ZO BRIGHTENEX can be used with other products in the ZO product line. Your patients should use this skin brightener with a sunscreen and can mix ZO BRIGHTENEX with ZO RESTORACALM™ to reduce skin irritation.

The first week your patients use ZO® BRIGHTENEX™, they will likely experience dryness, peeling skin, and skin irritation as their dead skin cells are exfoliated. If your patients develop a persistent rash, burning sensation, or other irritation, they should stop using this brightening cream and contact you or another doctor. These may not be all the possible ZO® BRIGHTENEX™ side effects.

If you are allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, you should not use this product. Also if you are pregnant and if you are breastfeeding. This skin brightening cream is for external use only.

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